Most Iconic Oscar Looks of All Time

It’s Oscar Sunday: the pinnacle of award show season and the equivocal super bowl for many a movie goer. I mark the Academy Awards on my calendar-it’s that big of a deal-and not just because I have an excuse to watch a top-notch assemblage of films the week leading up to the big night. Each year I sit on the edge of my seat, ballot in hand, oohing and ahhing over the stunning fashion and sulking over Leo’s losses.

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Back In Black

Black is chic. Black will always be chic.

I would argue that it’s the only color one can wear head to toe and completely alone. Humor me for a minute, and imagine this ensemble in yellow.

Do you see my point? We can’t all be Cher Horowitz.

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The Chop: Why Cutting Your Hair is Not a Terrible Idea

On the coffee table in front of me, a peroxide blonde model stares up from of latest issue of Short Hair as if she might leap up from the glossy book, throw back her Megyn Kelly cut with a hearty laugh and say, “You’re really going to cut off five inches? Your boyfriend is going to hate it.” Read More

Introducing Between The Liner

Between The Liner is an online space for the stylish and the budget-conscious. The product of a city teeming with both antiquated and contemporary beauty, Between The Liner offers inspired visuals, a personal editorial voice and a touch of flair. Our goal is to inspire readers to express their own definition of beauty. Ultimately, true beauty is not in the way you paint your face or dress your body–it lives between the lines.