Back In Black

Black is chic. Black will always be chic.

I would argue that it’s the only color one can wear head to toe and completely alone. Humor me for a minute, and imagine this ensemble in yellow.

Do you see my point? We can’t all be Cher Horowitz.

When I’m shopping for pricer, more durable fashion, I always buy in neutral colors. One versatile, solid-colored blazer is more valuable than 100 wildly patterned, throwaway chic blazers. If you wear a fuchsia jacket to a party, everyone will remember it. But, neutral colors tend to slip by unnoticed; you can wear them over and over without ever being accused of being an outfit repeater.


The coat and sweater are both vintage pieces I picked up in Pilsen, a major hot spot for vintage fashion in Chicago. The blazer and shoes are much newer pieces, and both from Forever 21. I wear my American Eagle super stretch, high-rise skinny jeggings at least twice a week. They’re thicker than leggings (but just as comfortable) and I need a pair of thick pants during a winter in Chicago.

I’m a strong believer that you don’t need to spend a fortune to look amazing. By incorporating affordable and/or vintage pieces, with neutral and built-to-last fashion staples, you can build a one of a kind, budget-friendly wardrobe to challenge the pages of even the glossiest of fashion magazines.

So, the next time you’re yanking your clothes off of their hangers, tossing wrinkled button downs onto the bed and groaning about the lack of diversity in your closet, remember this-you can never go wrong in all black, and everything goes with a pair of nude heels.

Photo by Frankie Graham
Photo by Frankie Graham
Photo by Frankie Graham

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