New Year, New Looks

Mixed and crafted by cosmetic goddess Evy Papadopoulos for their multi-functionality and feasibility, these runway-inspired makeup trends are show-stopping—wherever you may be headed after “Auld Lang Syne.”


hair & makeup—

Text by Evy Papadopoulos





A strong lip shade should always be the focal point of color on the face. Too much color can overpower your look and make the makeup appear gaudy. This is my favorite trend. Wear it with a plaid shirt and leggings, a dress, or in heels and a cami with a layered sweater. For Taylor’s base, I used MAC’s Studio Face and Body lightweight foundation, and Becca Cosmetic’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Pearl with a dab of MAC’s Gloss Crème Brilliance at the highest parts of the cheekbones for a soft highlight. On the eyes, I used MAC’s Pro Longwear Paint Pot in the shade Soft Ochre to neutralize the skin tone and then added another dab of the MAC gloss on the center of the lids. A healthy coat of volumizing mascara and a full brow adds just enough drama to the eyes. Brows are an important part of this look, as they help balance out the bold lip. Using powder with an angled brush, start at the arch of the tail and then blend into the middle. Powder gives the appearance of softer brows—much less harsh than a pencil. Don’t forget to comb through with a brow brush to remove excess product! Finally, pick a dark lip tone that you’re comfortable with. This winter you can do any shade of red, blackberry, rust or even black! On Taylor, I used MAC’s matte lipstick in Antique Velvet and Pro Longwear lip pencil in the shade Bespoken For. Pro tip: if you’re lips are achingly dry, use a lip primer before applying your lip color; this will help fill in some of the cracks. If that doesn’t do the trick, DIY your own lip scrub with some sugar and lip conditioner. Massage it into your lips with your finger, or better yet, a disposable mascara wand or toothbrush!






This look is so fun and so easy. This glossy peach eye adds some texture and subtle color to your look. You likely already own everything you need to accomplish this effect. To create your own eye-gloss, just scrape a warm toned eyeshadow or blush (orange, brown, red-orange, orange-yellow etc.) into a dish. For the gloss you can use Vaseline or any clear unscented lipgloss. On Taylor, I used MAC’s Gloss Crème Brilliance. Mix them together until you have the tone you want and dab onto the lids, add some mascara and voila! Since the colors are neutral, you can apply more color to the eyes, cheeks and lips. On the lips I used a warm neutral MAC lipstick in the shade Taupe.







You really can’t go wrong with glitter this season. It’s everywhere…but really, it can also get everywhere. The good news is that I have some tricks to prevent that from happening!This look is great for a night on the town with your girlfriends or a fun holiday party. Wear it all over the lids, on the inner corners of your eyes, as a liner, or even pressed onto your lipstick! If you’re going to apply it onto the eyes, you’ll need a product underneath to adhere to such as an eyeshadow primer or water-based mixing medium like MAC’s Mixing Medium Eyeliner. The most fashion forward and classy way to do a glittery lip is to choose a glitter tone that closely matches your lipstick color. Use scotch tape to pick up any rogue glitter that fell during the application process. Using my finger, I applied MACs gold glitter over a layer of MAC’s Pro Longwear Paint Pot in the shade Soft Ochre, gently pressing the glitter onto the creme shadow for a full gold color.

Text by Evy Papadopoulos

5 thoughts on “New Year, New Looks

  1. I loveee the glitter eyes and you are beautiful!! I tried to do something similar on NYE but had a hard time getting the glitter to pack on nicely. Using the gloss to mix it in makes so much sense!


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