How to Style Your Skirts in the Winter

It is a truth not universally acknowledged that locking your skirts away for the winter is not only a sad excuse to buy clothes you don’t need, but also a terrible misuse of fabric. Chicagoans are kicking off 2017 with a series of whopping 17-degree days. Considering that it’s far above last year’s icy -2, we’re simply beside ourselves. As someone who has endured now five Chicago winters, I feel as though I am in a position of authority to discuss skirts in January.End the winter wardrobe hibernation and you will become, not a trendy, one-way fashion street, tied by her own rope to the train tracks of outdated fashion “rules” who refuses to take risks, but a master of reinvention—a functional woman with a small closet full of staples that work for every season. If you still can’t get past all that “rule” breaking, do me a favor: this season, lock away nothing. Let those beautiful skirts stare at you every day. A morning will come when you decide you want to feel like a lady instead of an Eskimo. That’s when you break them out. And you will rock it.


hair & makeup—

1. Pretty, Pink and Powerful

Pair your silk chemise with a tailored leather jacket and watch your elegant office attire become a chic evening look. Add a bold lip and a simple graphic tee for extra flair. If you simply can’t risk an open-toed shoe, wear sheer tights to keep those toes toasty!




2. Western Frontier

Give your denim mini skirt new purpose and wear it with tights, leg warmers and knee-high leather boots. Keep it seasonal and simple with neutral grays, browns and beiges. For a western-inspired touch, add a wool vest or wrap and a leather belt.




3. Work or Play

Ideal for both coffee dates and office days, this dark-wash denim pencil skirt—which in the summer could be worn with a white button down and nude heels—makes its case for winter when draped beneath a knee-length cardigan. Add red tights to give a pop of color to the neutral look (and allow for open-toed heels) and complete the look with your favorite winter wear; a blanket scarf makes all the difference.



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