My Favorite YouTube Beauty Vloggers

Lisa Eldridge


Watching a Lisa Eldridge tutorial is like peeking behind the curtain of a high-fashion editorial photoshoot. Littered with celebrity guest appearances and honest professional tips, her channel is an amazing resource. Eldridge generously recreates her red carpet and cover looks, as well as some well-researched period pieces and costume looks for us every-day makeup lovers. Her A-list clientele includes Kate Winslet, Cara Delevingne, Kim Kardashian, Alexa Chung, Kiara Knightly, Sophia Dahl, Gemma Arterton and Kirsten Dunst—just to name a few.  A few of my favorites: “Best and Worst Makeup Moments in History #FacePaintBook,” “Modern ‘Baby Bardot’ Makeup Tutorial,” “My Beauty Regime on Long Haul Flights.”

Kayley Melissa


I’ve been trying to french braid my hair since the fourth grade and I still struggle with it. This blogger and professional hair stylist has a major thing for braids, and I can confidently say I’m starting to get the hang of things. Her costume hair tutorials are made simply and with no wig required. Doing your hair in the morning has never been easier. A few of my favorites: “7 Easy Holiday Hairstyles Tutorial,” “How to get Rapunzel’s Braid From Tangled!” “1920’s Finger Wave Undo!” “3 Iconic Star Wars Hairstyles Tutorial!”

Michelle Phan


Someone send out a search party for this YouTube starlet! Arguably the most famous beauty guru on the internet, Phan hasn’t published a video to her channel in 6 months, much to the dismay of her 8.7 million subscribers. Rumor has it Phan is away working on one super secret project among her other business ventures: the rebirth of her makeup line, Em Cosmetics, Ipsy (a beauty subscription service that sends members monthly glam bags), and her book, “Make Up: Your Life Guide to Beauty, Style, and Success – Online and Off.” A few of my favorites: “Autumn Ombré,” “Mulan Bride,”  “Rainbow Eyes,” “The Beautiful Death,” “Rouge In Love.”

Glam and Gore


You could say blood and guts is this special effects makeup artist’s specialty. She’s truly innovative, as show above in her “Frozen Elsa” tutorial (she did an entire Disney princess series). I’m a Halloween nut and, though I’d be way to scared to try or even watch many of her scariest videos, you have to respect her ridiculously creative methods. Check out her channel for a gory twist on any classic costume. A few of my favorites: “Melted (Wicked) Witch of the West Makeup Tutorial,” “Game of Thrones – Khaleesi / Daenerys Targaryen Makeup Look & Tutorial,” “Joker Makeup Tutorial,” “The Hooked Little Mermaid (Ariel) Makeup Tutorial,” “Avant Garde Splatter Makeup Tutorial.”

Patrick Simondac


“I want boys in BEAUTY!” writes this beauty guru of his channel. I only recently discovered Patrick Starr, though he’s been vlogging since 2013. I would argue that this diva knows how to do makeup better than most women—myself included. Overtly talented and just a bit too much, his makeup tutorials know no limits and his message to viewers is consistent: be yourself and anyone can do makeup. Brace yourself before watching any of his surprise makeovers. You might cry. A few of my favorites: “SHAY MITCHELL FALL MAKEUP TUTORIAL,” “TEAL GLITTER SMOKEY EYE (requested by Jaclyn Hill!),” “YELLOW CUT CREASE MAKEUP TUTORIAL,” “SURPRISE MAKEOVER.”

Sammy Robinson


She’s as beautiful as a supermodel (Gigi Hadid could be her twin!) and her consistent tan is something of my beauty dreams. Sammy Robinson is on a serious rise. Though Robinson is newer to YouTube and her voiceovers could be clearer, her content is solid and her tips are super helpful. Plus she’s Australian and I could pretty much listen to that accent all day every day. A few of my favorites: “Gigi Hadid VMA’s Makeup Look,” “GRWM | New Years Eve Smokey Eye,” “Victoria Secret Inspired Makeup Look,” “Warm Berry Smokey Eye Tutorial.”

Andrea Brooks


Andrea Brooks is so gorgeous and so fun to watch. Beauty, hair, food, costumes, life hacks—this LA-based beauty guru does it all. I discovered Brooks via FAWN (For All Women Network), a partnership with Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota, and several other YouTubers; FAWN later morphed into ICON Network, a similar channel with an extended reach and its own app. Known for her relaxed and honest do-it-yourself tips and tricks, in every video, Brooks speaks to audiences like she’s chatting to her best friend. A few of my favorites: “Jessica Rabbit Halloween Makeover!” “The Faux Bob Undo,” “DIY: Hair Growth Treatment!” “The Curly Half-Up Bun Hairstyle.”

Shonagh Scott


Shonagh Scott’s eye makeup looks are the kind everyone wants to screen shot and save to a Pinterest board. I’ve never seen anyone with a more perfect eye shape for winged liner. This UK-based cosmetic genius creates videos that are just long enough for you to understand her techniques, but not so long so that you start to tune out. She’s a bonafide professional with unbiased product reviews and a well-crafted online portfolio of hair, makeup and costume tutorial for all beginners and experts alike.  A few of my favorites: “Heatless Summer Waves Hair Tutorial,” “The Mad Hatter MakeUp Tutorial for Halloween,” “Twisted Rope Braid Hair Tutorial,” “Glossy Rock Chick MakeUp Tutorial.”

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