9 Runway Worthy Evil Queen Costumes from ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time’

This post is for my own guilty pleasure. My favorite fairytale drama, which first aired 2011, is mid season six, with its seventh season yet to be confirmed. A steady slip in ratings post season three, likely attributing to unfinished arcs, inconsistent character motives and an odd, seemingly necessary death near the end of season five leave audiences fearful that the show’s end will parallel that of “Lost” (show bosses Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis’s last project, renowned for its anticlimactic and disappointing end).

Despite these shortcomings, the show’s killer cast, beautiful sets and stunning costumes protect the suspension of disbelief and keep hope alive that Oncers will one day finally have their happy ending. Designed by the talented Eduardo Castro, these gorgeous costume pieces are especially essential to the show’s unique draw; originally crafted, Disney-inspired and totally unique to the show, these designs simply take your breath away. Lana Parilla’s cheeky and wildly-adored Evil Queen/Regina wears the fairest of them all. Try not to fall in love with her.  “Once Upon A Time” season 6 returns from hiatus with episode 11, “Tougher Than The Rest” on Sunday March 5 at 8|7c on ABC.

1. The Pilot

Who could forget that black-clad, dream-crushing, evil villain upon her first enterance?

Embed from Getty Images

2. The Evil Queen’s Victory

Parilla wore this purple gown near the end of season one, when the Evil Queen finally succeeds in separating Snow White and her true love. In this episode, audiences finally discover the truth of the princess’s fateful bite into “An Apple Red As Blood.”

Embed from Getty Images

3. The Sensible Pantsuit Goes To Neverland

Parilla rocked this royal blue “mayor” blazer for like ten episodes straight, and on a jungle set no less.

Embed from Getty Images

4. The Evil Queen Finds Her Huntsman

The network loved this sexy velvet number so much that they had Parilla shoot the show’s promotional photos wearing it. Originally worn in season 1 episode 7 “The Heart is A Lonely Hunter” for the Evil Queen’s meet cute with The Huntsman.

Embed from Getty Images

5. Regina Pre-Queen

Regina may not have been The Evil Queen back in those days but she was still crushing hearts in this stunning Tiffany blue riding suit.

Embed from Getty Images

6. The Queen Is Back

This woman could walk onto set wearing a paper bag and still look like a queen.

Embed from Getty Images

7. So Sexy And Yet So Evil

One can never be too overdressed to choke the life out of one’s enemies.

Embed from Getty Images

8. Witch V. Queen

Sort of witchy…yet strangely still queen-like.

Embed from Getty Images

9. When She Hooked Us All

In an oh-so-underrated, yet iconic Evil Queen moment from season 2 episode 9 “Queen of Hearts,” designer Eduardo Castro topped himself with this bejeweled sapphire blue velvet number.  The sultry Parilla taunts the clearly besotted Captain Hook (pre-#CaptainSwan days, of course) and the camera pans down just enough, revealing the skin-tight gown’s open back, which she has draped with layers of diamonds.



Feature image by Jack Rowand via Getty Images

All photos courtesy of Disney ABC Television Group

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