Introducing ‘Girl Talk,’ Between The Liner’s Official Quarterly Newsletter

Newsletters have become synonymous with all things I detest—lackluster content, junk mail, spam, sales calls. They are the offspring of this fantastical idea that we should have all the news we care about delivered to us in one beautiful well-written email, a private piece of tailored content just for us.

Maybe in a perfect world that’s possible.

I understand why you long to protect your inbox. I am subscribed to seven newsletters that I genuinely care about. The rest are complete junk. How has something so well intentioned become so convoluted?

I like to think of Girl Talk as an accessory—a rhinestone clutch that I wear only on very special occasions. My glass slipper. Girl Talk is everything I want to read on a Sunday afternoon, delivered digitally. It is a shameless celebration of femininity and desire, a subsidiary of Between The Liner, but a separate affair. It is not a pop culture boilerplate or a summary of daily happenings. It’s is a digital love letter from me.

Girl Talk is published four times a year only. It’s free, sponsorless and available to anyone. Click here to subscribe.


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