Band-Aids Don’t Fix Vampire Bites: A DIY Taylor Swift Halloween Costume & Makeup Tutorial

What I used:

Curling iron, wand or straightener
Bobby pins, $2.79 @ Target
Aussie hairspray, $3.99 @ Walgreens

White cream makeup, $2.49 @ Spirit Halloween
L’Oreal True Match liquid foundation, $8.99 @ Target
Maybelline Face Studio Master Conceal, $7.99 @ Target
NYX Translucent press powder, $9.99 @ Target
Mac Russian Red lipstick, $17 @ Mac Cosmetics
Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, $23 @ Sephora
Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama gel liner in ‘Blackest Black’, $7.99 @ Target
Shany Cosmetics 120-color natural nude and neon combination eye shadow palette, $15.00 @
Urban Decay Naked Basics matte palette, $29.00 @ Sephora

1989 concert tee, $25 @
Forever 21 black silk high-waisted shorts $12.00 @
Rhinestone-studded black flats, $25 @
1989 guitar pick pack, $17.99 @
Vampire fangs $4.99 @ Spirit Halloween
Fake blood, $2.99 @ Spirit Halloween
Band-Aids, $4.19 @ Walgreens

DIY polaroid cutout:

Poster board, $0.97 @ Target
Box cutter (Borrowed from a neighbor!)
Pencil & ruler (If you don’t already have a pencil or a ruler, we have a problem.)
Black permanent markers, $3.97 @ Target
Loose cardboard

To start, pick up a large white poster board at Walgreens, Target or your local craft store. Measure 1 1/2 inch from the left, right and top sides, and 3 inches from the bottom. Begin tracing your cutout. Place the poster board over some loose cardboard and carefully cut out the center of the board with a box cutter or razor blade. You can print out a stencil for this but I prefer to free hand. Take a black sharpie and trace your letters, coloring them in as you go to say “T.S. 1989” Once you have your cut out, dip your hands in your Spirit blood and drag them across the white poster board to look like bloody finger marks.

The original look:

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