DIY Cactus Plant Costume

Whether you’re partying outdoors this year or just looking for something to wear to work next Tuesday, here’s a option that will keep you toasty and cute. Should you find yourself at a bonfire, on a bar crawl, or entering the company costume contest, this prickly DIY costume will save you a ton of money and is 100% work appropriate. (No one has to know how easy it was to make!)

Costume supply list:

  • Cactus green knit sweater, $30 @ Target
  • Sand / ceramic pot colored pants, $20 @ Target
  • White pipe cleaners, $1 @ Michaels
  • Artificial flowers, $2 – $5 @ Michaels
  • Hair ties, $2 @ Michaels
  • Wire cutters, $6 @
  • Hot glue gun, $4 @ Michaels
  • Small hair clip
  • Bobby pins



  1. Cut each pipe cleaner in half so each cactus spike is approximately 4 inches long.
  2. Thread the the pipe cleaners through the sweater at random, twisting each one twice at the base to secure it.
  3. Cut or clip the stems from your artificial flowers, making sure to cut as close to the flower as possible. (I used scissors, but I recommend using wire cutters instead.)
  4. Create your cactus bloom headpiece: Hot glue the bottom of the largest flower to two bobby pins and let dry.
  5. Create your cactus bloom wrist pieces: Take your hair tie and stretch it slightly between your thumb and index finger. Then, hot glue the bottom of the flower to the hair tie and let dry. Once dry, loosen the hair tie. Repeat.
  6. Enjoy!







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