I’m engaged!

For those of you who follow me on social media, this is not news, but for those of you who don’t and have been wondering why I haven’t posted in a while, here is my sad excuse. Joking—it’s a very happy excuse. For the past five months, I have been planning my wedding to Zach Laidley. This fiery, red-haired almost doctor and I have been together for nearly nine years now, and I’ve decided that I think I’ll keep him around forever. Our wedding will take place on Memorial Day Weekend 2019 at Gallery 1028 on Chicago’s Goose Island. I could go on all day about all the details I have to catch you up on, but for now, I’m very excited to share with you these gorgeous photos by our photographer, Ebby Lowry. These photos were taken in the stunning South Gardens at the Art Institute of Chicago. If you love reading about weddings and love stories, definitely check out our wedding website at www.withjoy.com/taylor-and-zach.














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