Decorating My Apartment For Halloween

A renter’s guide to spooking the halls.

Most city dwellers have zero room to store decorations off-season, are moving in 12 months because the rent will go up, and have no money or time to spare decking the halls. I have spent the better part of six years trying to solve this problem, and I’m proud to say that I can now successfully decorate my space for every major holiday using only two large Tupperware bins. Of all the major holidays, Halloween is by far the least expensive to prepare for. Here are a few ideas and easy DIY decor projects for you to try in your space. Enjoy!

Pumpkins pumpkins everywhere:

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Pumpkin candles, pumpkin rugs, ceramic pumpkins, stuffed pumpkins, pumpkin coffee, pumpkin jars, pumpkin plates…need I say more?

Itsy bitsy spider webbing:

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Spider webbing costs only $2 at your local craft store, and it can dress up just about anything in your house. String it across mirrors, picture frames, hanging decor, paintings and your welcome wreath!

DIY potion bottles and spell books:

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Here’s what you’ll need: Canisters and glass bottles with lids/corks, black paint and a disposable brush, printable labels and some craft gems/beads. For my larger canisters, I used two old coffee canisters from Trader Joes. After removing the lids and cleaning out the insides, I stripped off the paper labels and painted everything black. Then, I took two pearl beads off an old necklace I never wear and painted those black. Once everything was dry dry, I glued the pearls to the center of each lid and glued a label to the side each canister.

I filled one of my glass potion bottles with water and blue rhinestones and called it “Mermaid Tears.” I filled another small glass jar with old victorian looking buttons and called it “Buttons of Dead Men.” I filled my last glass bottle with black paint, corked it and shook the bottle until it had been painted black from the inside; I accented it with green gems and labeled it “Wise Woman Blend.” Pictured above, my DIY potions are mixed in with some fun store-bought bottles and vintage books. The older and more bruised the books, the better! I specifically chose books about plants and gardens or fairy tales.

Spooky dog toys:

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Dog toys as decorations? I know, but just think about this for a second. Dog toys are always strewn across the floor, and if your dog is anything like mine, the toys rarely last longer than 6 months. If the toys have to be constantly replaced and are always out in the open, they might as well be themed! You can by seasonal dog toys at any local pet store.

Halloween-colored string lights:

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I love these spooky string lights! They’re so easy to hand around your windows, bookshelves or picture frames. I use clear push pins to keep the string lights in place on the walls. The lights I have around our TV stand and bookshelf are battery-powered automatic lights that go on each night around 7.

Dining after dark:

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Around Halloween and Thanksgiving, I try and double up on decor since the two holidays have similar themes. I pair my Fall dinnerware set with a cauldron centerpiece and two tall black skull candlesticks around Halloween time. The candles and cauldron bring in some spook to the lighter plates and glasses. Inside the cauldron are four small $5 synthetic bouquets that I found on sale at Michaels. You can also put candy inside your caludron to use for actual trick-or-treating if you plan to stay home on Halloween. Small pumpkins or squash add a little something extra to the centerpiece, and can be purchased at your local Trader Joe’s for less than $3 each. No need to store them throughout the year!


One thought on “Decorating My Apartment For Halloween

  1. Was wondering where you got the pumpkin rug from? (My boyfriend loves halloween and I wanted to buy him some halloween rugs?


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