DIY Lizzie McGuire Movie Costume

This costume is what all my dreams are made of.

This year, the Lizzie McGuire movie turned 15, and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate than to turn myself into an Italian pop star. This ensemble has six total pieces, which compared to my some of my other costume projects, is pretty complex. It’s also on the more expensive side, and that’s because literally no one owns this much purple. This look is as cost-efficient as it gets, while also staying true to the original film. And as always, this is a no-sew project. All you’ll need is a hot glue gun. Without further ado, kicking off our 2018 Countdown to Halloween is Lizzie McGuire!

The costume:


lizzie comparison 1.jpg



Costume Supply List:

  1. Lavender jacket, $77 @ Amazon
  2. Lavender pants, $27 @ Gap
  3. Lavender crop top, $24 @ Urban Outfitters
  4. Two yards of matte purple satin fabric, $7 @ Vogue Fabrics (or any local fabric store)
  5. Two yards of reflective/shining lavender sheer or lace fabric, $7 @ Vogue Fabrics (or any local fabric store)
  6. Purple ribbon, $4 @ Michaels
  7. Purple rhinestones, $3 @ Michaels
  8. Clear rhinestones, $3 @ Michaels
  9. Mini hot glue gun, $3 @ Michaels
  10. Light purple feathers, $9 @ Michaels
  11. Dark purple feathers, $2 @ Michaels
  12. A broach (vintage)
  13. Safety pin (should be no cost)
  14. Blonde clip in bangs, $6 @ Amazon (OR blonde wig with bangs, $12.99 @ Amazon)
  15. Prop headset microphone, $6 @ Amazon

Total cost: $178 


The Skirt

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  1. Lay out your two yards of satin fabric flat on the floor. Place the two yards of reflective sheer fabric directly on top of the satin.
  2. Decide which side of the fabric will be at your waist. With your hot glue gun, draw a line of glue along the edge of the satin fabric and press the sheer fabric down on top of the glue as you go, gluing the two together.
  3. When the glue is dry, put on your costume shoes and hold up the fabric to your waist to determine how much fabric you need to take off the bottom (if any).
  4. (I needed to take off about eight inches). Use a ruler to measure the length of fabric you need to take off, mark the spot with a dark sharpie and draw your cut line. Cut off the excess fabric with a pair of scissors, but do not discard.
  5. You can attach the skirt to your costume in one of two ways. You could buy a lavender belt and then glue the fabric to the inside of the belt. The belt will wrap around your waist and the fabric will look like a skirt. This method really works in your favor, because you can remove the belt like Lizzie does to reveal the pants. Or, you could do what I did and simply tuck the ends of the fabric into the waistline of your pants. I’m not one for waste, and when I create a costume, I like to use the clothes after I’m done. If I can avoid gluing something, I will. I only tucked the fabric half-way in, so as to leave the front open.

The Boutonniere

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  1. Cut 20 5-inch-long pieces of purple ribbon. Fold the pieces in half, and glue the ends together with a hot glue gun. Each piece should look like one half of a bow.
  2. Form a circle with the ribbons, and glue the ends together in the center. Glue light and dark purple feathers to the back side of the boutonniere in a half circle.
  3. Cut 3-4 pieces of purple ribbon (6-9 inches in length) and glue one end to the back of the boutonniere. Glue dark purple and light purple feathers to the other end of the ribbon. Then, cover the spot where you glued the feathers to the ribbon by gluing a rhinestone over the top.
  4. Take 4-5 strips of the excess sheer fabric and 4-5 strips of the excess satin fabric and glue them to the back of the boutonniere.
  5. Glue a rhinestone brooch to the front of the boutonniere (in the center of the circle of ribbons). Then, glue an old, flat vintage brooch (or safety pin) to the back of the boutonniere, which you will use to secure the piece to your lapel.

Hair & Makeup


  1. The makeup for this look is really simple! First, apply your base as normal and conceal all blemishes. Make sure to use a great highlighter and blush for this look!
  2. Apply a pale lavender eyeshadow to the center of your lids, and blend a darker purple color into your crease. Line your eyes (not too heavy), and apply generous amount of  mascara.
  3. Using eyelash glue, apply two clear  rhinestones to the outer corners of your eyes.
  4. Apply a sheer pink lipgloss.
  5. If you’re not already blonde, you’ll need to buy a blonde wig with bangs. See the supply list above for a good recommendation! I’m already blonde, so all I needed to do was apply fake bangs. Last but not least, put on your prop headset microphone!

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