Cross-country Road Trip Day 2: A Day in Waco, TX

Dallas, TX to Waco, TX and back. 3 hours and 7 minutes. 203 miles.

Waco, Texas is the epicenter of all my white, vintage, French country, shiplap-loving dreams! I had planned on stopping in Waco to see the Magnolia Silos on route to El Paso in an attempt to cram all the Texas goodness I could into a single day, but I elected not to after my cousin Aryn offered to come with me (after working an overnight shift at the hospital, God bless her). Instead, I decided to make a day of this long-awaited side trip.

Quick backstory: My husband and I tried to go to visit the Magnolia Silos the last time we were in Texas. But unfortunately they are closed on Sundays, and we didn’t bother to check the hours before planning our visit (rookie mistake, people). This time around, I was determined not to miss it!)

Since Aryn and I had an entire day to kill, we started at Magnolia Table, where we were told we would have to wait one hour and 45 minutes for a table. Thankfully, we only had to wait one hour, but we were prepared to wait it out so we could eat at Joanna and Chip Gaines’s restaurant. We ordered lattes from the outdoor cafe and drank and talked until we were finally called. From that point onward, everything moved in hyper speed.

The Magnolia Table staff does not mess around. Our food arrived a mere five minutes after we ordered. We started with a bowl of lemon lavender donut holes, which were freaking delicious, and then I scarfed down the yummiest avocado toast with a poached egg that I’ve ever had. When it was over, the brunch date we had waited an hour for only lasted about 15 minutes. Still, it was totally worth it.



When we finally arrived at the Silos, I was absolutely flabbergasted by the number of tourists. (Clearly, I am not the only one who loves shiplap.) The line for the Silos Baking Co. was a long and winding mess. The line inside the warehouse wasn’t much better, but there was no way I was leaving Waco without a new Magnolia mug to add to my ever-growing and ever-hated-by-my-husband mug collection. The Magnolia brand was everywhere we looked. Local hotels and AirBnBs brag about being “close to the Silos.” People refer to homes and buildings as “Magnolia-style.” There are billboards plastered with Chip and Joanna Gaines’s faces all down I-35.

It was an HGTV lover’s Mecca, and I was all in. I wish we could have stayed longer! A part of me also wishes we hadn’t eaten beforehand. There were at least a dozen delicious smelling food trucks there that we were way too full to try.

We ended the spectacular day at a delicious burger joint in Bedford, Texas with all my cousins.


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