Three Ways to Style Your Skirts This Winter

We Chicagoans are kicking off 2017 with a series of whopping 17-degree days. Considering that it’s far above last year’s icy -2, we’re simply beside ourselves. As someone who has endured now five Chicago winters I feel as though I am in a position of authority to discuss skirts in January. It is a truth not universally acknowledged that locking your skirts away for the winter is not only a sad excuse to buy clothes you don’t need, but also a terrible misuse of beautiful fabric.  Read More

My Declaration of Acne Independence: Why You Should Love Your Face, Blemishes and All!

The purpose of this blog is not to tell you that you are not good enough. You are exactly enough.

Make no mistake, this is a blog on the subject of beauty. Life and time have taught me the word ‘beauty‘ is not all encompassing, but it is transformative. Our world spins on exaggerated media, ridiculous politics and unattainable advertisements that preach under the promise of ‘a better you.’ I have allowed myself to be swept up in this mess and I feel it is my responsibility to set a better example for my brother and sisters, my future children, and my generation. This post is for them.

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