A Minted Chicagoan’s Field Guide To The City

A recently imported Seattleite offers one final testament to America’s second city.

Do the small stuff. So much of what makes Chicago incredible is not in any pamphlet or guide book, and much of it is free. You simply need to look for it. Talk to the locals! Go vintage shopping on 18th Street in Pilsen or barhopping in Wrigleyville. Have lunch in Chinatown. Take the Shorelight Sights architecture tour along the Chicago River. Scale all nine floors of the Gotham-esque Harold Washington Library. Ride the L. Seen an improv comedy show at Second City. Spend a day biking the entire lakefront trail. Have a picnic in Oz Park. See the Tiffany dome at the Chicago Cultural Center free of charge! Read More

The Importance of Doing Nothing

My apartment smells like an Anthropologie candle. A steaming Disney princess mug filled with vanilla-flavored coffee beckons. Turkey bacon sizzles on the stove.

I move into reclined bound angle pose on my artificial blue yoga mat, careful not to smudge my drying tea tree oil face mask or nick my fresh coat of nude nail polish on the wall of my closet-sized apartment.

It’s Sunday morning and I have absolutely nothing to do. No managers to impress, no events to host and no homework due Monday. Read More

My Declaration of Acne Independence: Why You Should Love Your Face, Blemishes and All!

The purpose of this blog is not to tell you that you are not good enough. You are exactly enough.

Make no mistake, this is a blog on the subject of beauty. Life and time have taught me the word ‘beauty‘ is not all encompassing, but it is transformative. Our world spins on exaggerated media, ridiculous politics and unattainable advertisements that preach under the promise of ‘a better you.’ I have allowed myself to be swept up in this mess and I feel it is my responsibility to set a better example for my brother and sisters, my future children, and my generation. This post is for them.

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